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On Sunday 7th May, Joe Clayton from local law firm Gregg Latchams, will be taking part in the popular Bristol 10k event, raising much needed funds for BHBS.

Joe, a legal assistant at the oldest law firm in the city, will join over 13,000 runners taking to the roads of Bristol starting and ending on Anchor Road, near the iconic Millennium Square. He has chosen to challenge himself in the race as he’s always had a keen interest in radio as well as running, wishing to merge the two with this fund-raising event:

“I think the service BHBS offers is excellent and I was particularly impressed by the professional standard of training for broadcasting that they offer; you get to use traditional broadcasting equipment as well as all of the modern software.  It’s also very exciting to be involved in outside broadcasts such as the concerts from Colston Hall. However, it does all come at a cost and that’s why funding from volunteers and charitable events is essential.  I believe BHBS offers a fantastic service to patients and it is lovely to see them smiling when visiting the wards to collect requests.  Sometimes you find you get a whole ward talking with each other as a result when they were previously silent so it is very rewarding to know you’re getting people communicating.”

To support Joe on his mission to help the charity continue to be the Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service, with funding of fixed outgoings, running costs and migration to a new location, you can donate through his Just Giving page.

Gregg Latchams also host a series of regular events such as a monthly Construction Breakfast, a Curry Club plus ad hoc Law in a Pint Glass and Tech Social gatherings. To find out more or to join one of the events, contact Jenny Burley. Alternatively, you can keep up to date with the latest legal news through their newsletters.