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We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Christmas collections in aid of BHBS – Hospital Radio for Bristol have yielded our greatest total donation yet, with an overall amount of £2621.63.

Our members were out in force at Tesco Brislington and Sainsbury’s Emersons Green on the two weekends leading up to Christmas collecting donations from shoppers. They were joined by some great musical accompaniment from Dick and Dolly and Charlie Hurt – plus special appearances by Santa, Rudolph and Frozen’s Olaf! A huge thank you to all the folks of Bristol who passed on a little festive spirit into the collection buckets of our team. Your donations are greatly appreciated! Thanks also go to the managements of both branches of Tesco and Sainsbury’s respectively.

Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service is a registered charity and we rely entirely on donations, collections and fundraising efforts to raise the large amount of money needed to continue each year. Our Christmas collections form a large part of our annual fundraising efforts.

Click below to view some photos of the 2016 Christmas collection days…

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Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service has been serving the hospital patients of Bristol since 1952. We are a registered charity (No: 264775) and rely entirely on donations. If you would like to help support us, we are always grateful for all donations we receive.

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